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    Australia Vacuum Glass
    Thin Structure
    The 8.3 mm thick Australia Vacuum Glass weights only 20 Kg/m2, considerably reducing the costs for components, storage and logistic operations. In comparison with triple-pane insulated glass, Australia Vacuum Glass has only a quarter of its thickness and weighs at least 12 kg less per square meter while managing a better U-value. Australia Vacuum Glass is also the best option to upgrade energy rating, noise reduction in the heritage façade while keeping the structure and material of the original window frames.
    Super Long Life
    The service life expectancy of Australia Vacuum Glass exceeds 25 years. By using flexible edge sealing materials, Australia Vacuum Glass overcomes the seal failure problem caused by fragile sealing materials especially in the environment with big temperature difference between the inner and outer glass surfaces. Moreover, with the assistance of built-in high efficiency getter material, it can sustain a high level of vacuum for a long time.
    Noise Reduction With its weighted sound reduction index exceeding 36 dB, Australia Vacuum Glass makes rooms in downtown quiet like a library. Thanks to the high vacuum chamber of  Australia Vacuum Glass, which effectively blocks the sound transmission, the sound insulation performance is far better than insulated glass. It has remarkable acoustic properties against high penetrative medium and low-frequency noises such as traffic and construction noises. Anti-condensation Free of condensation even when the temperature falls below -70c. Ultra-low dew point allows Australia Vacuum Glass in buildings and freezers to maintain their exceptional transparency. Australia Vacuum Glass effectively eliminates the dew condensation between glass layers. Meanwhile, the high thermal resistance property significantly lowers the dew point of the  Australia Vacuum Glass surface.
    Fully Tempered.
    Surface stress and granularity meet tempered glass standards and passed several key safety tests including wind resistance test and impact test. Each piece of 8.3 mm thick Australia Vacuum Glass can withstand the pressure of a 1.7 m tall sand column, equivalent to 1 m2 of Australia Vacuum Glass having 20 adults with an average body weight of 70 kg standing on the surface. By adopting low-temperature sealing technology,  Australia Vacuum Glass completely retains the high strength, impact resistance, and other safety attributes of tempered glass. In case of the glass breaks, it shatters into small and less harmful honeycomb-shaped particles.
    Energy Conservation U-value as low as 0.4 W/(m2·K). An 8.3 mm thick  Australia Vacuum Glass has a better thermal insulation effect than the 1.5 m thick brick wall. Thanks to the high vacuum chamber of  Australia Vacuum Glass, which effectively blocks the thermal transmission, the thermal insulation performance of Australia Vacuum Glass is 2-4 times better than insulated glass and 6-10 times better than single pane glass. The properties of this product meet all international thermal transmittance requirements on windows and doors for passive houses
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