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    The thermal effect of cork
    Decork Design contributes to the thermal insulation action. We make the most from the intrinsic talent of nature.
    Materials Sustainability
    The raw materials used in the formulation that make it special have one common point: their natural origin.
    Cork: the virtuous bark of comfort
    Natural, renewable, versatile and sustainable
    Low Thermal Conductivity
    Sound Proofing
    Fire Resistant
    Light Weight
    DECORK Façade The cork-based exterior thermal coating -Find out more
    Decork Design The decorative interior thermal
    coating for your comfort
    -Discover More
    Diathonite Thermactive.037 The Mediterranean thermo-mortar: total comfort at home
    Argatherm The ideal thermal insulation skim coat
    Diathonite Screed Ecological mortar
    for better thermal
    and acoustic comfort