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    Fibre Cement & CFC

    Fibre Cement Sheet Products from CSR Cemintel & Other Leading Manufacturers!

    Have you ever heard about fibre cement and its benefits in the construction industry? Builders, tradespeople, and town planners are familiar with this incredible composite material used for various construction processes. Whether you want to build a facade or put external wall cladding, it’s the ideal building material for your project.

    If you are looking to source a set of fibre cement sheets for your project in Sydney, then BM Sydney Materials is the right call indeed. It doesn’t matter if you are constructing a new building from the ground up or simply want to renovate the external walls of your structure. Fibre cement works just well in such projects, and we are here to fulfil all your needs at once.

    You can scroll through this page and view different fibre cement products available in our catalogue. BM Sydney imports first class building materials for its clients, including fibre cement sheets and CFC sheets. So you can order them anytime, in any quantity as per your project specifications!

    BM Sydney Materials – Giving Customised Solutions In Sydney

    Providing world class building materials to various sectors across Sydney gives us immense pride moving forward. Since 1997, we have set a pretty high benchmark regarding quality standards and service delivery within the building materials industry. Be it plasterboards, fibre cement products or waterproofing solutions that are important for every construction work. We have consistently delivered premium quality goods to our clients, irrespective of their requirements or project specifications.

    BM Sydney Building Materials is the right pick if you are looking for high quality fibre cement sheets in Sydney. We have your back, whether you need the standard sheets or boards supplied by CSR Cemintel. You will find hundreds of products in our Fibre Cement & CFC category through our website.

    Fibre Cement Products Available at BM Sydney Materials

    Standard Products

    CSR Cemintel

    As you can see, BM Sydney has a wide range of fibre cement products for you. There’s no need to visit any other store when you have us. If you want more information on these fibre cement sheets, simply call us!

    Reasons Why Fibre Cement Is The Right Building Material For Your Project!

    Usually, fibre cement boards or sheets mix sand, cement and cellulose fibres and are thus called composite building materials. It is most commonly known for its durability and non-combustible attributes. That’s why builders use this material for external wall cladding and facade construction. There are many other reasons why a fibre cement sheet is much better than its alternatives in the market.

    • This material offers excellent UV resistance, and thus, you will never see any rotting or warping whatsoever.
    • Aside from being fire resistant, fibre cement offers water resistance to a great degree. So you can use this material while laying tiles in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, etc.
    • Your tradespeople or building crew will have no difficulty applying this composite cement on various surfaces.
    • Besides, you never have to worry about termites or other pests that usually damage the external walls around the city.
    • Most importantly, you can expect the fibre cement to perform excellently against challenging weather and extreme heat.

    We believe the reasons mentioned above are more than enough to convince anyone wishing to buy fibre cement sheets. So why not contact BM Sydney Materials and get these products as per your requirements?

    BM Sydney is Making All The Difference Here In The Industry!

    With more than 20 years of experience, BM Sydney means serious business regarding fibre cement and other building materials. Whether you want imported material for your project or supplies from a local manufacturer, we have everything you need. Come to our address or call us if you are a builder, DIY renovator or renovation contractor. Our team will give you every reason to buy products from us!

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