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    Fixings & Accessories Supply In Sydney – BM Sydney Materials
    Construction projects are often multi-layered projects where you need lots of items at your disposal to achieve the desired outcomes.

    When we speak of essential building materials, “fixings accessories” are discussed extensively. After all, you can never complete your construction or medium-scale renovation project without fixings or fasteners at your disposal. But what do you mean by fixings & accessories, and why are they essential to begin with? BM Sydney has all your answers on this page!

    Fixings or fasteners are nothing but the screws, nails, bolts and nuts primarily used for attaching two or more things onto a surface. Whether you are working on a wall, floor or roof, you will always need these fixings for your project.

    So do you need nails, screws or nuts & bolts for your building construction project in Sydney? You can contact the BM Sydney Materials team and place your order for fixings & accessories.
    BM Sydney Materials – #1 Supplier of Fixings & Accessories
    Our Australian-owned business has served the Sydney industry since 1997 with exemplary services and high-quality product supply. Whether you are a home DIY renovator or a professional builder who needs fixings/fasteners, our company is the right place for you. We stock imported fixing accessories for our clients, and we have a great variety of every building material you want. Besides, you can order all the fasteners in bulk as per your project specifications.

    Our team will give you complete assistance from start to finish while you shop for fixing and accessories on our website. You just have to contact us, and our staff members will speak to you without delay!
    Range of Fixing & Accessories at BM Sydney Materials
    Everybody appreciates options, don’t they? At BM Sydney, we provide you just that as we have a vast catalogue of products for every builder, town planner and DIY renovator. Be it plasterboards, waterproofing solution, fibre cement, or simply fixing & accessories, you will find hundreds of products lined up in these categories on our website.

    Collated Screws

    Plaster Fine NP Collated
    Plaster Coarse Collated
    Plaster Self Drill Tek Collated
    Fibre Cement Self Drill Tek

    Loose Screws

    Plaster Fine NP Loose
    Plaster Coarse Loose
    Plaster Self Drill Tek Loose
    Fibre Cement Fine Needle Point
    FC Self Drill Tek Loose
    Button Head
    Flat Head
    Hex Head


    Through Bolt
    Metal Pin
    Tie Wire
    Sleeve Anchor

    Aside from these fixings/fasteners, you can also buy access panels, packers, tapes and other accessories from BM Sydney. If you can’t decide which accessory best fits your requirements, you can always talk to us. Our team is ever ready to help clients make the right decision when shopping for building supplies.
    Why Choose BM Sydney?
    Still not sure whether to contact our team for building supplies or not? Then you are missing out on a lot. BM Sydney Materials is one of the leading firms that buys and imports building materials from the best manufacturers in the business. Over the years, countless builders and tradespeople have bought our building supplies. And we believe you should buy all the fixings & accessories from us. Try us once and you will be back!

    Quick Quotes: You just tell us which product you want from our website along with its quantity. Our team will get back to you with a free quote within a few minutes. That’s how quick and dedicated we are towards our clients.

    Fast Shipping: At BM Sydney, we quickly ship all your consignments. So you won’t have to wait for long for your construction project to begin. Our delivery partners will deliver your fixings and accessories right on time.

    Give us a call!